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Under the Quality Assurannce System,each product shall be examined and comply with an appropriate inspection. The Quality Assurance Department controls this overall system with tracing ability result from the beginning of its process for assuring quality and reliability of HBC product will be delivered to our customer at the final stage.

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    Our Journey So Far
1982  ::   The for mulation of Hitachi Bangkok Cable Co,.Ltd. as a joint venture between Hitachi Cable Ltd. with a registered capital of 60 million Baht. Start manufacture telephone cable to TOT 4 th project ESDP network expansion JO-1, JO-2 at Phrapradaeng Plant.
1989  ::   The registered capital was increased up to 100 million baht. Expansion electronic wire business and started manufacture at Phrapradaeng Plant.
1990  ::   Established new factory at Bangpakong. The production line was moved from Phrapradaeng to Bangpakong,Chachoengsao.Start manufacture electronic wire and telecommunication cable. In 1991-2,supply Telephone Cable for TOT 5 Th,7Th Project to Joint venture of Hitachi Cable & Kyowa Densetsu Kaiaha Ltd.,Joint venture ltalian Thai Development Corp. and Alcatel Cable Contracting S.A.
1997  ::   Construction of Singburi factory for manufacturing optical Fiber Cable equipped with advanced production upstream beginning from drawing own fiber core. First supply Optical fiber Cable to TOT about 200 K.M. both aerial and duct type
1999  ::   Acquisition of ISO:9002 certification from Thai Institute (TISI) for Bangpakong Factory and Management System Certification Institute (MASCI) for Singburi Factory. First supply Optical Fiber Caber to Advanced Info Service (AIS) for GSM project through Mitsui 500 K.M. and so on.
2000  ::   First Supply Optical Fiber Cable to DTAC 500 K.M. for WP 1800 and so on. First Supply Optical Fiber Cable Type NZDF G.655 to CAT link Chumphon Songkla Project.
2001  ::   First supply Optical Fiber cable ADSS to MEA. First supply Optical Fiber Cable to Royal Thai Airforce Army. Supply Optical Fiber Cable to Advanced Info Service (AIS) for GSM phase 8 through Mitsui approx. 1,400 K.M.
2002  ::   First supply Optical Fiber Cable to PEA Phase 1 for ADSS cable G.655 approx.1,100 K.M. through Siemens. Acquisition of TISI/ISO 9001 Version 2000 both Optical Fiber Cable Business and Telephone Cable Business from Management System Certification Institute (MASCI)
2003  ::   First supply Communication Cable Type Flame Retardant Low Smoke,Zero Halogen (FRLSOH) over 500 K.M. for MRTA project through Siemens. HBC supplied Optical Fiber Cable to PEA Phase 1 lot 2 for ADSS cable approx. 900 K.M. through Siemens.
2004  ::   First Supply Copper telephone cable , Optical Fiber Cable Type Flame Retardant , Low Smoke , Zero Halogen (FRLSOH) to MRTA project through TRUE.
2007  ::   Transfer Electronic wire and Telephone Cable Business at Bangpakong Plant To Bangkok Cable Co.,Ltd (BCC)



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